What Is The Holmes Connection?

    The Holmes Connection! are considered to be leaders on campus who set examples for their peers. The group is known for singing, dancing and entertaining all groups. They are really talented and are passionate about what they do. The girls in the group of 2018 include: Josie, Alana, Tiara, Katie, Lily Kate, Rachel, Lindsey and Emma. The boys are Luke, Davion, Jordan, Jaylon, Gabe, and Zae. The Crew Guys are the guys who set the stage, lights, and music for the group and they are : John, Chris, Colby, Bailey, Gary and Carter. The Holmes Connection! is under the direction of Mr. Mike Yates.

 Connection! has been a success at Holmes Community College for 25 years. This year the group had a alumni night for the 25 year anniversary of The Holmes Connection! The majority of the former members and the current members came together to celebrate their love for the shows they put on in the past. The group had brunch on Homecoming morning to meet one another. Jaylon said he enjoyed it because he had’t seen his friends in a long time, and was ready to catch up with old cast members.

“It was great to meet the old cast members and I loved being able to relate to them,” said Connection! member Emma.  

 Yates has been the director of the Holmes Connection! since 2007. He said he is grateful to be able to connect with students, and direct them in entertainment.

“This gives students time to find themselves in ways they thought they couldn’t,” he said. “Girls and guys gain confidence and learn to use their God-given talents. It also gives their friends and a family to love so that you won’t feel alone. “ I feel like I’ve made friends that could last a lifetime in this group”, said John. Tiara states that she absolutely loves everyone, and that she never feels out of place being with her family. Connection will always bring comfort and fun to students.

  The Holmes Connection! performed on Oct. 20 in the McDaniel Hall auditorium. The group’s show name for this year is called, “The Greatest Show.” You should come out to see a show that you won’t forget in the future. It’s most definitely worth your time and it’s free! Bring your family and you friends for these spectacular events!

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