Author: Ethan Burton

Ethan is a liberal arts/journalism major on the Goodman Campus. After graduating from Holmes, he plans to attend Ole Miss to earn a degree in journalism with an emphasis in digital media art. Outside of the Growl, he serves as a work study for the Holmes Goodman Library and is involved with Main Street Baptist Youth Group. Ethan is passionate about drawing using pencil as well as pen and ink media.

Her: How It Relates to Our Modern Society

Human beings are becoming increasingly intertwined with the technology they create. And we seem to be granting our technology with our own human qualities more and more; soon, we may create things that speak to us, that learn from us, that resonate with us on an intimate level. In the unique romance movie “Her,” our […]

School Obstacles

School presents a lot of challenges to the aspiring student to overcome. On top of the numerous assignments the student must stay on top of in order to come out of the semester with passing grades, the student must also be able to squeeze in time for social and extracurricular activities. The constant stress of […]