Author: Tamera McCook

Tamera McCook is a native of Jackson. Born in 1990, she is the younger of two siblings. Tamera grew up with a very outgoing personality that developed into her passion to excel in broadcast journalism. As a young adolescent, she would often get in trouble at school for talking with others after her work was done. Her teacher would have her grade papers, run errands and even teach class at times to keep her busy. Boredom got the best of her until finally she was tested and accepted into the Open Doors program. This opened many doors for her and expanded her thoughts far beyond what she could have ever imagined. From there, she went on to the APAC (Academic and Performing Arts) program which molded her learning styles and taught her to always think outside the box. Tamera is now a mass communications major at Holmes Community College and she plans to continue her studies upon graduation. Nothing would make her happier than becoming a sports analyst for ESPN. Tamera enjoys attending her sons’ football and basketball games, traveling and being involved in her community.

The Absent Parent

As I reflect over my childhood, I often think of how blessed I was having been brought up by both my mother and father. Both of my parents were very influential over my life and my decision making. Although sometimes I didn’t make the best decision, I made choices based on what would please my […]

United We Stand

    Black, white, Latino, Asian, male or female, whatever the classification is we are all grouped into categories and separated by class, race, economic status etc. America’s ideology is “United we stand, divided we fall,” but this country was built on division. From the beginning, this great nation has prided itself on being divided. […]

Chasing the Ghost

Chasing the Ghost Lebron James. King James. The Chosen One. He is a three-time champion and two-time gold medalist. Many would consider him the best player in the NBA, and one of the best of all time. Some say he deserves a spot on Basketball’s Mt. Rushmore, but one thing is for sure, he will […]

Student Spotlight

Student Spotlight: Constance McDougles Classification: Freshman Major: Paralegal Assistant (At Holmes I think it is just Paralegal) Hometown: Jackson High school: Forest Hill (Jackson) Q: This is your first semester at Holmes, what was the deciding factor in choosing to continue your education here? A: I have always heard great things about this school, and […]

Business over Pleasure in the NBA

September 8, 2017— The National Basketball Association, also known as the NBA, has grown widely in popularity over the years. From Steph Curry to Lebron James, many athletes are becoming more popular by the day, and getting paid millions in the process. This past summer Stephen Curry signed one the biggest contracts in the NBA, […]