Author: Timothy Jones

Timothy S. Jones is a native of Jackson. Jones is a sophomore at Holmes Community College on the Ridgeland Campus. Enjoying the social and natural sciences, Jones decided to study psychology with a concentration in neuropsychology. Jones is the vice president for the Natural Science Club. After matriculating as a psychology major at Holmes Community College, he plans to attend the University of Mississippi to receive his Bachelor of Arts, Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy in psychology. Upon graduating from the University of Mississippi, he plans to attend the University of Mississippi Medical School to obtain his Doctor of Medicine. Jones will use his degrees to teach on the college level while going through graduate school; his overall goal is to do research and do clinicals.

Remember the Legacy

Remember the Legacy, but Keep the Movement Alive.  The anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s death in 1968 brings many Americans together in Memphis, Tennessee. His legacy is forever remembered in the African American community, but many people believe that his dream still has not become a reality. There is no doubt why these […]