With the first semester quickly ending, many are getting prepared for their final exams. Studying is going to be a key factor in passing these exams. Many, like myself, are not the best at studying. I have compiled a list of things to do to help with studying to ace these final exams.

  1. Turn your phone off.
    • Having your phone on while studying will cause a distraction with each notification received. Attention will be diverted from your studying and onto your phone. Try turning your phone off while you study or put it in a different room.
  2. Set limits.
    • Sitting down and going through a lot of material in one sitting can exhaust someone. Set limits on how long you will sit and study, then take a small 10-minute break.
  3. Make flashcards.
    • Making flashcards can help with quizzing your knowledge and writing information over again will help the mind retain the information.
  4. Highlight and rewrite important information.
    • If you have the information necessary to know highlighted, it will definitely save time during your studying. Once again, writing information helps the mind retain it.
  5. Do not cram the night before the test.
    • Many students cram the night before causing them to be up late and not get enough sleep for the test. Start studying a week before the test, this will also help with setting limits on studying.
  6. Get a good night’s sleep and eat a good breakfast.
    • In high school, teachers always said to get plenty of sleep before the ACT and eat breakfast. This still applies for any exams. If you go into the test with lack of sleep and no breakfast, your mind will be more focused on how much sleep you lost and the hunger you have instead of the information that is on your test.

I hope these tips help improve your studying like they helped improve mine. One last bit of advice I received from a teacher in eighth grade that has helped me: chew a certain flavor of gum while you’re studying and then also chew the same flavor during the exam. The teacher said that the flavor will then become associated with the thoughts of the information and will help you recall it during the test. That bit of advice has helped me and has not failed me yet. I wish everyone good luck on their exams to come!

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