It’s been rough this year since we have a pandemic going on. It’s not getting better, not by a long shot. The virus is spreading more and more out of hand. People get infected by simply going to the grocery store, going to work or really just coming in contact with anyone really can get you sick. Everyone is trying to predict every week about what’s going to happen next in the world. The main questions people are asking are: “What will happen with COVID-19 and the holidays coming up?,” “How can people stay safe while traveling for Thanksgiving or Christmas?,” “How many new cases will show after the holidays?,andWhat will happen to the children after the break ends? 

To answer some of the questions we would really have to ask ourselves as a whole how we will make it safe for us as one. We need to stop fighting and start coming together. This decision will only depend on what lives we will die for. If we did come together we could see if the world could stay clean and stay protected from others. Only we can make a difference because the current president only wants power, war and hatred around the world. I believe if we can stop the hatred across the world we could overrule the president and his reign of terror; we can be unstoppable.  

 For many people being infected with COVID-19 is different from any other cold; many  say that it can take up to a month for the virus to go away. The proper authorities like mayors, state senators, the congressman and the head of the CDC are telling people across the world to put masks on, keep their distance and stay sanitized. For some even doing that is dangerous and people are afraid of catching this virus. They think you can only get it by traveling and going to parties, but people really can get it from doing anything, so my best advice for people is to continue wearing a mask and stay sanitized so we can be safe while we do the things we love to do. 

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