For the past four years, America has been going downhill with bad luck. It all started when Donald J. Trump ran and won the presidential election, beating Hillary Clinton, who would’ve been the first female president in the U.S.A. For many people like myself having a female president would not have been the worst thing to come. I can say I would’ve been glad to see the first female president rather than seeing a racist, sexist, prejudiced man like Donald Trump become president. Most people who voted for Hillary want to see an uplifting person make a difference in the world. As soon as Trump became the president, most of the people who voted for him soon realized that they made the wrong decision.

There were many things that Trump did wrong through his presidency. Trump was impeached due to pressuring Ukraine to dig up dirt on Joe Biden and his son Hunter. Another awful thing Trump did wrong was called protestors from the Charlottesville riot “very fine people.” The same people who killed another protestor by driving their car into a lady. Throughout his presidency, Trump has been doing a horrible job trying to stay safe and trying to protect America during the world’s worst pandemic so far.

The Coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, has been the worst pandemic that ever happened in the U.S. This virus started between September or November of 2019 worldwide.Other countries like China, Europe and Russia have been protecting and staying away from virus by locking their countries down from all activity until it’s safe. They have been securing their countries from all danger since the virus has been out. Meanwhile, the U.S. only started trying to be safe in March of 2020; months after the virus was here. Even then we haven’t been safe from the virus. As of today, the number of deaths so far has increased to 1.32 million worldwide and the U.S has 250K deaths.

With this being the end of 2020, most of the world is ready for a new chance of difference while others want nothing more than racism and war in the world. I think it’s time for peace and love on the planet earth. Now since the U.S. have a new and better experience presidential team.A team like our new President Joe Biden who wants peace and love all over the world and the world’s first ever Black Female Vice President Kamala Harris.Mrs.Harris has set a goal mostly ever lady has wanted to do and that’s to be in the White House.She has even made history for her sorority which is Alpha Kappa Alpha known as A.K.A and I‘m proud of their achievements.

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