Before COVID-19 got bad all students were on campuses taking classes. There was hardly anyone taking virtual classes. Students who did take virtual classes were mostly  students who had a family crisis or who work full-time. For me, last semester I was taking classes on campus just because I am more of a face-to-face type of learner. That method is great for me because it helps me understand what the lesson or module is about. Now since COVID-19 has impacted the world I can see a whole difference with my learning strategies and my grades. Therefore, it plays a big part for all students going to school. 

There are many similarities and so little differences about going on campus (public schools) and taking online classes. The similarities are that both still provide an education for all. Doing virtual classes is the best and safest way to take classes and be safe. While going on campus helps me understand, now with COVID-19 that’s not the right thing to do. More and more students who are still attending college on campus are more at risk of catching the virus and are right in the hotspot of it. I say this just because campuses are big and filled with so much bacteria and places that germs and viruses can easily spread. The main similarity, in my opinion, is students to continue getting further with their professions. 

When it comes to the differences there are also many, but the main differences are for one, with virtual classes it’s hard for some students because they can’t learn by sitting at home with a computer. In the 20th Century we have the internet to give us all the answers we choose. Although that’s true, students are not going to pass tests, especially proctored tests, by looking the answers up. This is one of several main differences between virtual and online classes. Another main difference is that being on campus during the pandemic is where many people are starting to catch the virus more easily. Campus administrations are trying to make their campuses safe for all students who attend. There are some colleges who aren’t letting their students come back to their college. For the students who are still living on and going to the campuses there are ways  that things have changed. With that being said I hope that we as a whole can get this pandemic under control so things can go back to natural or at least close to it.

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