As a Holmes student you may be wondering how to enjoy your short time at Holmes, so here’s a list for you.


  1. Get involved on campus. For a college student this is very important. Holmes has lots of organizations for you to get involved in on each campus. Look at Dog Tracks; most organizations have the times they meet on there each week. Also, these things look good on your resume!


  1. Get to know your teachers. One of the many things you can enjoy about Holmes is the teachers. Since you don’t attend a university the teachers are more personal with you. You won’t find that at most universities. So, get to know your teachers, this will also come in handy when you need recommendations for scholarships going into a university.


  1. Talk to the people in your classes. A great thing about Holmes is that you have people from all over Mississippi attending the college. So, when you are in class, talk to the people around you, get to know them. It is always good to have friends while you are here.


  1. Go to events on campus. Throughout a semester, Holmes has many events on your campus that you can attend. The big one this semester is the Spring Fling. Everything is free just because you’re a Holmes student. Don’t miss out on these opportunities!


  1. Study hard. You have to study for your classes. No matter how easy they are, study. It is a good discipline to have so when you do go on to a university your studying skills are already there. Besides if you don’t study, you just might fail the class and who wants to take a class over again?


  1. Enjoy the town you are in. Holmes has campuses in three towns. If you have a car take a little tour around the town and see what you can find. Ridgeland has lots of shopping places and food places to eat, or you can simply drive down the road to the Ross Barnett Reservoir and spend some time there.Enjoy the town your school is in for the two years that you are there. It will make your time at Holmes more enjoyable than it already is.



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