The internet has really changed everything. Gadgets that were reserved for science fiction movies have now become staples in our society. Being able to make a video call with a handheld device was once only possible in the world of the Jetsons, now we expect every device that we buy to have these formally insane capabilities. Social media has made it possible to reach individuals across the entire world simultaneously. What if I told you that full time students like us could make money by simply tapping your phone a few times?

Choosing to further your education is a beautiful if not difficult choice to make. Most of us made this choice to earn a better income which in turn will lead to an easier life. However, this decision is quite frankly closer to a marathon than a sprint and that higher income takes a prolonged amount of time to achieve. In the meantime, students must make do and persevere through times where we are so broke that we owe our bank money. This splendid feeling paired with constant pressure from numerous locations can add unneeded stress for students worldwide and once again I am here to tell you that the internet has changed everything.

Thanks to the internet, there are numerous opportunities out there for students to earn income. Techniques such as utilizing apps, existing websites and creating your own website offer money making opportunities online usually reserved for big businesses. There are also passive income opportunities available that take more time to initiate but like our college investments, it pays off in the long run. While you are learning patience through college, internet income opportunities help you practice it. Whatever method you choose, making money online like anything else worth pursuing, requires time and vigorous effort. I urge youth of today to take full advantage of what we have in front of us. Whether you come from old money or no money, you can make money today by simply tapping your phone.

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