Being in college, especially when you are going full-time, can defiantly be overwhelming at times. In order to be successful, students need to find a quiet and calm place where they can have enough space to study and work on assignments outside of school. I found a few places around town that have helped me when the house was just not cutting it anymore.

  1. The local libraries

The library is a perfect place to get the peace and quiet one is looking for in a place to study. Not only is the library quiet, but it is full of information that can help a student with their studies.


  1. Cups coffee shop

This is a place where you can wind down while you wind up on some fresh coffee or a nice cup of hot tea. They offer free Wi-Fi to the public and have super comfy couches and seating areas with personal tables and outlets to plug in the dying electronics.


  1. The outdoors

On pretty, sun-shining days, a student could grab an old blanket or sheet and go and to a local park around town like Winter Circle or pick a spot by the Reservoir. There is something about being in the fresh air and hearing the beautiful sounds of nature that really helps focus and distress a situation.


Whether it is from the comfort of your own bed or from underneath a Magnolia tree it is important to find your own perfect little place where you may go to focus on the seemingly never-ending amounts of school work.

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