A handful of people like the hot and humid summer heat from Mississippi, but many were ready for the cool breeze that the fall was going to bring. On Sept. 22, the first day of autumn, I went around asking Holmes’ students their views and opinions of the delightful weather.

Deondra Willis, a freshman at Holmes Community College, said, “I love the cooler weather. More specifically, I love the fall fashion.” The outfit she’s wearing is a brown two-piece sweatsuit to “get all the fall feels.”

Hailey Jacks, also a freshman, had the same views as Willis. Jacks said, “I absolutely adore this weather. It gives me the chance to wear my cardigans that haven’t seen the light of day for a year.”

After my interviews with Willis and Jacks, I went to the public to get a sense of how they feel about the change.

Riley Smith, an interviewee from Walmart, is one of the handful of people that enjoys the summer heat. She said, “I honestly will miss the heat. It gave me an excuse to stay in the water. I was always on a boat, going tubing and kayaking.”

While taking pictures, a young man named John McCloud came up to me, so I asked him some questions. His response to the weather change was different from all the other ones I have heard.

McCloud exclaimed, “My favorite part about the fall season is that it kick-starts the holidays. I like to see people happy and no matter how much stress it can be, people are typically happy during those times. Joyful kids going trick-or-treating paired with grateful people during Thanksgiving. Life slows down and we look at it more differently than the other seasons.”

As I’m in awe of what he’s saying, he continues, “Whether it’s the color of the trees, county fairs, pumpkin patches or haunted houses, we look at fall different.”

The majority of people find something enjoyable about the autumn vibes that Mississippi provides.

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