Have you ever been in a very poisonous environment or relationship? Toxic relationships come in many forms but there is only one I am going to talk about today. Family toxicity is a very common thing that happens within families. We all have a family member who will do and say things to upset you or make you feel small. That is not okay, and you should cut off said family members. I will tell you a story about a toxic family.   

I knew a girl once, and her name was Gwynneth and she was an all-around great girl.  She came from an amazing household with her parents and a bunch of siblings. Gwynneth was a moody and emotional kid just like most teenagers. She wanted to do right by her parents, and listen to everything they said. She looked up to her dad the most, and sought his approval. That whole idea came crashing down, however, after her seventh-grade year. She ended up being abused emotionally and psychologically by the same person she looked up too. For most of her life she kept the mindset of impressing him and maybe he’ll back off, but he never did. Gwynneth had to learn to stand up for herself and others who were going through the same situation she was in. She cut off the people who were toxic in her life even if it was her own parents.  

If you are ever in a toxic relationship or have family member who make you feel worthless, cut them off, and start the healing from the pain and trauma you’ve endured. 

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