The Holmes Community College Ridgeland Campus celebrated Earth day early on Thursday.

The STEM Club set up a booth in the lobby of Science Building West with wildflower seeds, Dum Dums and an educational pamphlet.

The contents were chosen intentionally due to their environmental significance.

According to Biology instructor Jennifer McGehee, these seeds have unique properties.

“We have our little heart shaped ‘plant me’ wildflower seeds,” said McGehee. This is actually a paper that has wildflower seeds in it to make it easier to plant. Someone would be able to put this on a piece of dirt, put some dirt on top of it and water it. It will produce wildflowers that attract pollinators like bees. We are so dependent on bees for a lot of our food sources. So, it fits really well for Earth Day.”

Dum Dums were chosen to encourage people to choose candies with paper wrapping instead of plastic.

The pamphlet provides a list of conservation ideas. McGehee shared these ideas during an ecology lesson with her Principles of Biology II class.

“In Mrs. McGehee’s class, she told us about the population and how some areas are rapidly declining while others are increasing. She also taught us about climate change,” said one of her students, Daylan Henderson.

Earth Day is set for April 22.

“Looking at conservation and Earth Day, it’s all about the little, small choices we make each day. Those small choices add up to make a big impact on our environment,” McGehee said.

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