It is now May and although when we think of May we think of it as just one more month until summer, a very special day happens in May, Mother’s Day. Mother’s Day is when we acknowledge our mothers and show them how special and loved they are. It’s basically like Valentine’s Day but just for mothers. I decided in honor of Mother’s Day I wanted to interview two special people to me who also happens to both be moms of course. One being my mom, Sonya Christine. The other, who is my advisor and instructor, she has stuck with me through the most challenging and rewarding times of my college life, Mrs. Mary Margaret Busby.

Kaitlyn Anderson – When you think of the word mother, what does that mean to you?

Sonya Christine – When I think of the word mother that means coverer, protector, friend, supporter, and confidant.

Mary Margaret Busby – Motherhood is a blessing from God, and the greatest gift! Though it’s challenging at times, being a mother is not something I take for granted and I love getting to see through my child’s eyes.

Kaitlyn Anderson – Were there any lessons that you learned from your mom that have now been passed to you as a mother?

Sonya Christine – The lessons that I learned were both positive and negative. On one hand I learned from my mom the importance of hard work, being a submissive wife and implementing God’s word into my children’s lives. My mom spoke scriptures over us daily before she went to work. Those are things that I practice every day with my girls. For example, with Kaitlyn I would say “Ye in all these things,” and she would respond “we are more than conquerors through Christ who loves us.” On the other hand, she was impatient and spoke harshly at times which made it hard for me to confide in her as I did my dad. 

Mary Margaret Busby – My mom taught me to always be kind to everyone and embrace the joy in life; now I’m trying to pass that on to my daughter.

Kaitlyn Anderson – What are some challenges as a mother that you have overcome?

Sonya Christine – As a mother, there are challenges that I’m still overcoming. For example, I am twice divorced and so, for most of my daughters’ lives, I have been a single mom so to speak. Especially in the case of Kaitlyn, whose father passed away when she was 14. There’s no way to ever replace the relationship they had. I can only teach them the importance of knowing how they should be treated as women and unfortunately how to walk away when there is abuse in a situation. I want them to know the importance of knowing their value and preferably teaching them how to be future wives and mothers.

Mary Margaret Busby – The biggest challenge was getting my baby to sleep through the night! She is two and still wakes up about once a night more often than not, but we are getting there! At least now she goes back to sleep quickly.

Kaitlyn Anderson – What are your hopes and dreams for your child or children in the future?

Sonya Christine – My hope is that they get their education. Find a career that they love and God’s purpose for their life. If they become wives and mothers continue to sow positive seeds in their lives.  I want them to have self-love and respect for themselves as well as others.  

Mary Margaret Busby – I want her to grow up to be a happy, healthy, Christian woman who knows how loved she is and fulfills her full potential.

Kaitlyn Anderson – Any advice for first time mothers or mothers in general?

Sonya Christine – You are only human, you are not perfect. I believe that God gives mothers special instincts and a nurturing spirit to sense when their child is hiding something, needs to talk and just needs someone to listen. I believe every child has a love language whether it’s physical touch or words of affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts or quality time. Figuring this out will make a difference in the bond a mother and child has.  

Mary Margaret Busby – I would just advise new mothers not to let the hard seasons/hard moments overshadow all the joy that comes with motherhood! I’d tell them to soak up all the cuddles, smiles, “first” and happy moments and remember that the sleep deprivation, tantrums, etc., are only temporary.

Special thanks to my wonderful mom for sitting down and allowing me to interview her and special thanks to the awesome Mrs. Busby for also allowing me to interview her as well.

I want to wish all the soon to be mothers and those who are already mothers a very special, Happy Mother’s Day. You are loved and appreciated.



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