Giving is what makes our world happy. When a person gives out of the kindness of their heart to another person, it encourages the other person to do the same. Giving to others and helping one another helps us to be able to become closer and care for one another within our community and families. Giving can also be a way of showing love and kindness in the world. It only takes one person to start it all. Giving can be an example of the chain. Once one person gives, the next will give, and so on. 

There are many programs and donation funds to help give within our community today. Each year Holmes Community College comes out with different types of giving events to help better those around us and help better our communities. For example, Holmes’ McMorrough Library and Archives on the Ridgeland Campus will be able to undergo a renovation after a five-year plan. Many people have already donated. The goal of the library is almost reached. Holmes also has other donation opportunities to help give. There are many different and unique ways you can give.  

Many people would want to give but need to know how. Holmes has come up with a wonderful giving program that is based on giving on a Tuesday. It is on their homepage, This helps notify others when they can donate to and help their communities. The program also helps with donating to those in need. Many times, you can even just buy a shirt or hat and that can be a form of donating. We should all donate; not only to help our communities but also to help those around us, as well. 


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