Are you looking for a fun activity with your family and friends during the fall!? If so, then I highly recommend the McClain Resort Pumpkin Patch. They all have different activities for you and your family to do this fall. The Resort is located in Brandon. It is a great and fun activity for the fall. The pumpkin patch also comes with great bundles for picking out your pumpkin.

Each bundle came with something special in addition to your pumpkin. The bundle includes lots of wonderful and fun activities such as a petting zoo and a safari drive-through tour. The games and activities are a hay maze, hay slide, tire swings, a bouncy house and an obstacle course. The resort is a great and fun place for family and friends to come and enjoy; especially during this lovely fall weather. I went with a group of my friends it was very fun and we made some great memories.

We each purchased the $30 bundle which included everything that you could do at the resort. My favorite part was picking out my pumpkin and driving around the safari to feed the animals. I would recommend this resort to anyone; it is very fun!  


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