The Super Bowl is an exciting event for sports fanatics! The commercials are a big hit, even if you are not a sports fan. Most people only watch the Super Bowl for commercials and halftime shows for entertainment. On Feb.11, the 49ers and the Chiefs will play in

Las Vegas. According to what comes out of the game, Mahomes and the Chiefs can accomplish their second straight Super Bowl victory accomplishments.


At the same time, Purdy and the 49ers have the potential to capture their first league title in more than 30 years. Super Bowl tickets can be expensive, and sometimes, people come from miles away to attend this mega sports event to support their favorite team. R&B singer Usher will perform at the Superbowl during halftime, and many people are excited about that. Taylor Swift, who often accompanies her boyfriend Kelce to his games, was there recently to honor the Chiefs’ win against the Baltimore Ravens, guaranteeing their spot in the Super Bowl. However, she has yet to announce her presence at the event in Vegas on Feb.11.

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