Mardi Gras is a huge event celebrated in New Orleans every year. Thousands of people come from everywhere to join in the celebration. Attendees wear outfits or, at least, wear purple, green, and gold attire and embellish themselves with colorful necklaces gathered from the floats the prior parade. One might observe several unique outfits, children alongside their families interspersed throughout the town, while visitors and locals enjoy themselves immensely.

Spectators of the parade will be seated on the ground, engaged in orb throwing, playing audio

recordings, indulging in delicious cuisine, and observing the passing masses during the intervals amongst parades. During Mardi Gras, most businesses that are not necessary stay closed due to the celebrations. Prepared individuals are mindful of the necessity of preparing a substantial bag to collect the many kinds of beads and souvenirs they will get in the festivities.

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