Ever needed a song to quell your inner teenage girl? Ever needed a song that articulates your biggest insecurities, but also your best features? Well, Olivia has two whole albums dedicated to this. From boy-crazy girls to heartbroken women, Rodrigo tells the story of a young girl in and out of love with her first album “SOUR.” Then, she doubles down and portrays the pure feminine rage linked to dating. She captivated the world and our hearts. But who is she?

It all started when I got my driver’s license.

Olivia Rodrigo is a 21-year-old singer-songwriter from California. Rodrigo got her first taste of “popstar pump” in 2020 when her song “All I Want went viral. But this song wasn’t the start of it all. On Jan. 28, Rodrigo released the song Driver’s License.Driver’s License” is a song filled with romantic resentment and jealousy. This song allowed fans to do some investigating. “You’re probably with that blonde girl.” This line is supposedly about another honorable pop diva, Sabrina Carpenter. Nevertheless, the song took over the charts within the first week of being released. 

Later in 2021, she dropped her first album” SOUR”It has chart-topping singles like “Traitor” and “Deja vu.” She went on her world tour for this album and played at over 48 venues. Now, she is currently touring for her second album GUTS”. Although Rodrigo has proven she’s a force to be reckoned with, how does all this make her the next pop princess?

It’s all logical

With most teen pop music, it usually fades after a few months. However, Rodrigo is on her second number-one album. Rodrigo has a large fan base span, from young girls who don’t have their driver’s licenses to women who have had theirs for 10 years. Having a large fan base amplifies her reach. We all want someone to relate to. Rodrigo embodies every stage of the “woman experience.” Not only that, but she is also just a girl.

 “Sometimes you see one thing and then you’re thinking about it all day,” says the 21-year-old singer in her interview with the Los Angeles Times. She was always a relatable figure, but with her first album, she became a relatable singer.

All I want is more.

While Rodrigo has captured our hearts for the past three years, here are some more artists to listen to if you like Olivia Rodrigo. Gracie Abrams is an indie pop artist who explores the death of childhood into adulthood with a bit of romance mixed in. Billie Eilish is an indie pop artist who writes songs of all different caliber that explore our deepest secrets and insecurities. Laufey is an indie pop artist who loves to play with instrumentals that make you feel like you’re not listening to a song about heartbreak. Sabrina Carpenter is a fun version of Olivia and loves to rhyme and show the beauty of being in love and finding your people. 

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