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6 ways to enjoy Holmes

As a Holmes student you may be wondering how to enjoy your short time at Holmes, so here’s a list for you.   Get involved on campus. For a college student this is very important. Holmes has lots of organizations for you to get involved in on each campus. Look at Dog Tracks; most organizations […]

Student Spotlight: Amira Wallace

Name: Amira Wallace (pronounced A-mir-ia) Hometown: Jackson, MS Major: English Post-Holmes Plan: To go to Tougaloo College. Career Ambition: To become an author. Hobbies: Writing, watching Netflix, acting, baking Special talents/ Skills/ something interest: “I really like Kpop, and I’m great at tripping over air.” Anything else you’d like to add about your experience at Holmes: “Nothing I can think of off the […]

The Absent Parent

As I reflect over my childhood, I often think of how blessed I was having been brought up by both my mother and father. Both of my parents were very influential over my life and my decision making. Although sometimes I didn’t make the best decision, I made choices based on what would please my […]

Biology class visits Natural Science Museum

On Tuesday, Feb. 13, Mr. Gates’ Principles of Biology II 8:15 class began arriving at the Natural Science Museum around 8 a.m. We were told to be early, 8:10 a.m. at the latest. We were there to have class as usual, but with a guest instructor and we were to take thorough notes. Our instructor […]

Black Panther: First Impressions

It is impossible to reject that “Black Panther” will become a massive American icon as it is already one of the fastest opening films of all time. The movie has garnered impenetrably high praise and adoration from many critics and filmgoers. A friend and I went to see the film the night after it released. […]

Fire and Fury

Good morning student body. If you are like me, politics was served at your dinner table on Sunday, Feb. 11. The Grammy’s 60th anniversary got controversial quick as politics made its way to the stage. Hillary Clinton’s appearance drew mass opinions about how political the Grammy’s has become. A huge political statement was made as […]

United We Stand

    Black, white, Latino, Asian, male or female, whatever the classification is we are all grouped into categories and separated by class, race, economic status etc. America’s ideology is “United we stand, divided we fall,” but this country was built on division. From the beginning, this great nation has prided itself on being divided. […]