This is a bittersweet, but exciting time for me because this will be my final article to write for The Growl and as your editor. It has been a true pleasure to serve you, the student body, by attempting to cover the latest events and share in the successes of each of you over the past two years during my tenure on the staff. I have loved traveling to different events and getting to know students across the different campuses; thanks for letting me share in a small part of your stories. I relish each word that has ever been typed because that is one more word shed about the wonderful college we attend.

I will be graduating in May and attending the University of Mississippi in the Fall Semester, where I plan to continue my writing and studies as a Journalism major. Thank you to everyone for allowing me to discover my passion for writing and for journalism through this outlet. Even though I will be leaving, I know another very capable person will become the new Editor and continue the work to make this paper the best student publication throughout the community college system.

Thank you to Mary Margaret Busby, our sponsor and teacher, for always spending countless hours polishing our articles and answering the myriad of questions we always have. Thank you to my fellow staff members for always pushing me to become a better writer and leader and sharing this responsibility with me. And to the student body, thank you again for continuing to support me, follow me, and allow me to interview you for my articles. Serving as your Editor has been one of the highest honors and privileges of my college career. Good luck to my fellow graduates as we embark on other endeavors together to new colleges and new careers.

My final charge to you is this: Through whatever medium you choose, always continue to become part of the informed electorate and ensure transparency is always enforced to every leader and organization. Remember to always support journalistic efforts wherever you go. Thank you!

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