The majority of college students live in the moment and do not necessarily care for the future all that much. They do not concern themselves with health issues, either. Hair is a major aspect of most college students’ lives, as it is one of the first things that people notice and care about. Some people are attached to hair and in order for them to thrive and be happy, their hair has to be looking decent. In order for your hair to be looking great, it needs to be healthy. Healthy hair is the most beautiful hair. No matter what race or gender, hair responds to nutrients. All hair should be properly moisturized and cleaned on a regular basis.

Everyone should have a hair regimen. A good hair regimen consists of clarifying your hair at least once a month. Clarifying your hair with a shampoo is to cleanse it thoroughly with a clarifying shampoo to get rid of all the dirt and built up oils. Hair should only be shampooed once a month; any more than that can deplete the hair shafts of its natural oils that it needs to thrive and be at its healthiest state possible. Instead of using shampoo, other days of the month use a cleansing conditioner that does not lather the hair. Lathering strips the hair of it minerals and nutrients and most of all, its moisture. Using a cleansing conditioner cleanses your hair while nourishing it instead of stripping everything from the hair shafts.

Straightening the hair is not a good option if the goal is to get the healthiest hair possible. Healthy hair also comes from being in its natural state which means however it grows out of the head without chemicals and straighteners. If altering the hair is necessary, then a good way to help combat damage is protein treatments. Protein treatments give the hair protein that has been lost or damaged due to damages. Deep conditioners are also a good way to get the healthiest and best looking hair. It gives your hair moisture and keeps it moisturized and shiny. It is not difficult to get the beautiful shiny hair that is most desired.

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