“Justice League,” directed by Zack Snyder, is based on the DC comic by the same name. With a run time of one hour and 59 minutes, “Justice League” brings the known heroes of DC, Batman, Cyborg, Flash, Aqua man and Wonder Woman together in the fight to save the Earth. The tone of the movie felt a lot like watching the actual comic come to life.

It is not without its faults, though. Although it feels rushed and  there is a lack of background information to certain characters, you will not notice the flaws due to the action and excitement the movie brought to the audience. Ben Affleck’s portrayal of Batman was indeed different from the previous actors, but he nailed the aspects that would distinguish him from just any other Batman. Gal Gadot portrayed Wonder Woman just as good as she did in her solo movie “Wonder Woman” earlier this year. Ezra Miller’s Flash is different from the CW’s Flash, but he played the role well. He was awkward and nerdy like the Flash was in the comics. Jason Momoa’s portrayal of Aquaman helps make audiences and fans alike realize that he isn’t just a guy who can talk to fish and breathe underwater. Momoa helped change the way anyone can think about Aqua man. Last and certainly not least is Ray Fisher. Fisher’s portrayal of Cyborg was something new. He played Cyborg as a more serious character. Overall, the experience of watching the “Justice League” provided a new tone to the DC EU (Expanded Universe). “Justice League” is a movie you can enjoy if you are just looking for something watch at the theaters.

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