Good morning student body. If you are like me, politics was served at your dinner table on Sunday, Feb. 11. The Grammy’s 60th anniversary got controversial quick as politics made its way to the stage. Hillary Clinton’s appearance drew mass opinions about how political the Grammy’s has become. A huge political statement was made as Hillary Clinton read from her book, “Fire and Fury.”The Grammy’s ratings dropped to an all-time low, pulling a total of 19. 8 million viewers. Compared to 2017, this was a 24 percent drop. How could one half of the country view the Grammy’s as a platform to expose injustice and the rest not? Why was it so offending to some to see problems we face every day expressed through performances?


Accepting that minorities are victims of social inequality is harder for some. The thought of exposing one is a threat to the very system which has molded privilege for others. Many viewers would rather ignore the reality around them and turn the TV off, since it’s not what affects their white picket fences. Even with the TV off, the static of fire and fury in the hearts of the oppressed rage on.

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