We all know final exams are quickly approaching whether you are ready for them or not. Here are a few things you can do to make it a little more stress free!


  1. That’s a no brainer. You will not do good if you don’t study. Study early not later. If you wait till the last minute to study you will be so stressed out trying to cram the whole semester into one night.
  2. Take a break. While you are studying take breaks. Get up and walk around, stretch, grab something to eat and then continue to study. After you stare at a book or a computer screen for so long, the words start to run together. Breaks will help you stay focused and help you study better.
  3. Grab some coffee. Coffee is a lifesaver! Grab some after a long day and you know you still have to study. Barnes & Noble has Starbucks inside, but there is also a standalone Starbucks in the Renaissance. Another coffee shop in Ridgeland is M7. And if you are at home, you can always brew a cup of coffee to keep you awake! Also if you are on campus studying, each campus library has coffee for you to sip on.
  4. Talk to your teacher. This is so important. Don’t wait until the night before you test to email your teacher about something you don’t understand. It is always best to talk to them in person, if you can. But make sure you talk or email them early because you may not get a reply the night before your exam.
  5. Do your study guide. Some teachers graciously give you a study guide. Don’t take that for granted. Complete the study guide and actually study it! Usually most of the questions are straight from the exam itself.
  6. Get a goodnight’s rest. Don’t stay up all night studying for an exam. You don’t want to pull an all-nighter and do bad on your exam because you’re to sleepy to stay awake while taking it.


As the famous quote from the “Hunger Games” says, “May the odds be ever in your favor.”

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