On April 20, the new president and vice president for the Holmes Gaming Club were elected. As the previous officers will be graduating on May 11, they wanted to be sure that the club would be left in good hands. John Miksa was voted in as president, with Curtis Osborne as his vice president. They are currently discussing whether they will choose a secretary from known club members or if they will choose an incoming freshman to take on this responsibility.

Vice President Chandler Garrett said that he believes the club is being left in good hands.

“John’s a great guy,” he said, “and he’s been to every meeting. He’s a commuter, so he has to drive here from Madison for all of his classes, but he’s still been our most reliable guy all year.”

“Curtis, well, he’s Curtis,” said club member Chloe Bland. “He can be kind of immature at times, but this club means a lot to him. I think he’ll work hard to keep it going.”

The two said that they plan on having Fortnite and other tournaments, and they have been challenged to a competition by the Ridgeland Campus’ HAVOC club next semester. The two also plan on keeping “Dungeons and Dragons” a regular thing with Curtis as their Dungeon Master. He already has a Discord set up for the club and says that he hopes it will get more use next semester.

John also played in “Death by Dessert” this semester, the play put on by Teresa Grantier and the Holmes Community College theater department, as the waiter and waitress. He’s a member of Phi Theta Kappa and is applying to be an officer in the 2018-19 academic year.

Curtis is a member of the marching band and a common sight around the art department, where he spends most of his time.

The Gaming Club meets in the CCN room of the library at 6 p.m. every Sunday. For more information about the Gaming Club, contact James Thompson atĀ jathompson@holmescc.edu.

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