Over the past month, many stories have surfaced of how African-Americans have been mistreated in restaurants, other public places and even at their own homes. Although it is 2018, African-Americans are experiencing modern-day Jim Crow laws. From the two men at Starbucks who were thrown out simply because they hadn’t bought anything to the life coach who was told by the general manager of a restaurant to give up his seats because a white couple wanted them.

2018 marks the 50thanniversary of Martin Luther King’s legacy. Although his work and the work of thousands of others has helped the racial reconciliation, there is still work to be done. African-Americans fear being pulled over by the police because they don’t know if they will make it home that night after the encounter. African-Americans are cautious with their words and where they put their hands because they know one “wrong” move could end their life.

Some Caucasians have used their privilege to harm African-Americans around the country. In particular the principal of Ponderosa Elementary School in Houston, Texas joked about telling police that a special needs black student brought a gun to school. The young student has had behavioral problems and has been known to run from class.

Shanna Swearingen, the principal, told staff “We won’t chase him. We will call the police and tell them he has a gun so they can come faster.”

This is just one of the many incidents where Caucasians have used their color to minimize colored people.

Across the country there are people making efforts toward racial reconciliation. Questions are being asked and time is being spent with the other race. America still has a long way to go, but slowly we are getting there.

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