November 25, 2017, it was the Saturday after Thanksgiving in Natchez, MS (Adams County). The temperature was around a cool 36 degrees, and Susan James headed out to her hunting stand at 7 a.m. This morning was no different from her usual deer hunting season routine, so after she was was suited up in all camouflage and her bright orange vest, she grabbed her coffee and her 257 Roberts Rifle, Susan was on her way. The hunting land is just around the corner from her lodging, making it easy for her to ride her new Honda four-wheeler to and from the land. She bought the four-wheeler to help drag the deer out of the woods, because in Natchez, the woods are filled with hills and gullies, both would make getting a deer out of the woods alone, impossible.

After settling into her treestand, the waiting began. Hunting, simply put, is a waiting game, of patience, aim, and stillness. Soon enough, a buck, bigger than any deer she had ever killed, wandered into her steady sights. Within seconds, he was struck right above the shoulder, Susan’s prefered target area. She used the four-wheeler to pull him out of the woods and onto a flatbed trailer so she could take the buck directly to the deer processor. The final score on the Boone and Crockett system was 160 6/8 inches, weighing 250 pounds, with 12 points on the rack. Susan had the deer’s head mounted and the rest was processed into steaks, sausage, and burger meat.

Since killing this buck, Susan has won First Place in the Female Typical Gun Division in the Big Buck Bounty contest for 2018 and was featured in the MS Sportsman Magazine website. She won various prizes such as a large hunting backpack with a built in back support. She was also contacted by a journalist looking to write an article on female hunters. I am so proud of Susan because she is my mother, and after all the cold, winter trips to Natchez, and bonfires, and early morning coffee and donuts, she is now receiving accolades for succeeding at a hobby she truly loves, and she truly deserves it. My mom did this all on her own, with no help from anyone. I personally think it is cool that she has killed this big of a deer and even better that she won First Place in a contest with this extremely big deer! I’m happy I get to say my mom is the cool mom.

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