To Tip or Not to Tip? What is the proper amount to tip your server when you are out eating at a restaurant? $2? $10? Well, the answer is not so simple. A proper tip cannot just determined by the quality of the service you received, and even though it was low quality, one dollar tip service, you need to stop and consider a few things. The first, and most important fact to remember is that servers, waiters, etc. get paid very little, often between two and five dollars an hour. This means that these servers literally live off of tips. Think about it as, you determine if they eat tonight. The next thing to remember is that your server is not perfect! Nine times out of ten, your server is extremely overwhelmed and doing the best they can, so bare with them. If your server seems too busy to take care of you, it is okay to talk to a manager, they will help your table and make the experience better if things are going south. Despite poor service, customers are still expected to tip 10-20 percent.

When putting pen to receipt paper, do not forget to do the math! As a paying customer, you should be able to tip at least ten percent, which means ten percent of the price of the entire check. Although 20 percent is ideal, any tip is better than nothing because a blank tip line means money coming out of their pocket now, instead of going into it. As a young person, it is beneficial to be well educated on tipping. You might think you’re saving money by leaving a small tip, you may even think it doesn’t matter whether you tip or not, but it truly does. Your $1 tip on a $20 ticket could make or break a server’s profits that day. Think about these things the next time you go out to eat.

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