Monday, Sept. 10 opened the doors for the latest controversy in tennis. Serena Williams, world-recognized professional player, was caught in the line of sexism during her match. The line was crossed when umpire Carlos Ramos accused William of cheating.

“I have a daughter and I stand by what I teach her, I have never cheated a day in my career. You owe me an apology,” Serena remarked.

The fire grew as the crowd cheered for Serena and booed the umpire. A fiery exchange of words took place between the two when the umpire refused to apologize for publicly calling Serena a thief.

“You stole a point from me and you are a thief,” Williams yelled. Carlos then proceeded to fine Williams over $17,000 in fines including verbal abuse he cited. The citation caused Serena to lose the entire game, which led to much protest in the crowd.

The incident showed that even one of the hardest working black Americans with a net worth over $100 million can be reduced to sexism. Williams told media much of what is tolerated for men on the court is not even half for women. Williams says her standing up for herself on the court will hopefully raise awareness and pave a way for the next athletes to not be discriminated against.

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