At Holmes Community College in Goodman, there are only so many things to do. For instance, we can go to class, hang out with friends, do homework, meet in the library for study groups and go off campus to do whatever. Sometimes we meet to do fun activities when it is advertised, by the student activities director. The campus is usually dead the majority of the time; I’m a freshman and there’s only been six activities on campus. Five of them were hosted by the Baptist Student Union and the other one by the Student Government Association. When Baptist Student Union hosts something, where do the students who don’t have the same beliefs fit in?

On Wednesdays, most students go to parties off campus with no police protection, and honestly their parents don’t even know where they is or where they have been. If we had more activities on campus that students are engaged in it would be safer, and students’ parents wouldn’t have to worry 

bout where their child is. What if there is a kidnapping or a car accident because a student was looking for something fun to do other than being in their dorm room all day. Everyone would be stuck asking themselves is there anything we could have done differently. Students without adult supervision are most likely to engage in activities that are dangerous.

After a long day of studying and being in class who wants to stay in the dorm and do nothing or wait until it’s a football game. If the college had more things to do on campus it would attract other students in the future from seeing how much fun it is to be a Bulldog.

The majority of community colleges have curfew times; our curfew time is 12 a.m.  if you are on campus or 1:30 a.m. if you are off campus. These times are understandable considering we do have class in the morning. For dormitory students, the cost for living on campus is $3,080. At Holmes, we are not allowed to let the opposite sex inside of our rooms. The cost of living in a dorm room is $700, and we aren’t allowed to invite who we want inside of our dorms? We are reminded every day that we are adults and that we need to start acting like it well I think it is time we are treated like it. It is so annoying that we can’t allow guys inside of our rooms. Sometimes it is nice to just watch a movie or lay back and relax with someone who’s your friend or a significant other.

If sex is the reason for this rule, the board should know that enforcing this rule isn’t going to stop them. Who’s to say they won’t go off campus and do it? Protection should be encouraged, not keeping us apart. It wouldn’t be wrong to allow mixed genders in the same dorm room under curfew hours. After curfew hours the rule should be enforced, not during none curfew hours. At Hinds Community College, they allow mixed genders in the same room, and their students are treated like adults I think they get the picture. Even religious community colleges allow it;  Holmes is way too strict. Intentions are not always immoral sometimes they are innocent.

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