Is Community College a Waste?

Is community college a waste? I think we all ask ourselves this several times during our journey we embark upon at Holmes Community College. Am I going to be prepared for a real university? Am I missing out on fun? As I end a chapter of my life and next year will be attending a four-year anniversary I came to give you the answer. It is not a waste of time. Your times at Holmes is one of the most important reality checks you are going to get.

My time at Holmes has paid off not only in giving me time to adjust to the college life, but in keeping me close to home and opening many doors to financial help. I was recently accepted into the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society which will assist me financially when I transfer to another college. Community colleges are often seen as less hard or less work, but to me, it is a good time to take advantage of getting good grades for the long run. Find information on transferring, clubs, degree help, scholarships: it is all offered here at Holmes.

The underlying answer a lot of students are looking for is no; you are not wasting your time. You made the best decision locally and financially. Holmes’ student body normally grows as the year goes on and many students transfer back from State or Ole Miss. It is evident from any peer you speak to that went through Holmes, you are guaranteed to be more prepared.


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