Less than two weeks! That’s it! There are less than two weeks of classes before our days of glory and freedom arrive. Summer 2019 is almost here and it is time to start planning for it. I know money can be an issue in the life of a college student… trust me, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun.

Today you will learn how to be efficient with money, and learn insanely fun things to do this summer.


This slipping slide consists of a lot of tarp, liquid soap and water. Find a big hill or open flat ground, lay the tarp out in a straight line as far as you can (at least 17 feet) and don’t forget the soap at home. You can buy cheap soap at the Dollar Store and find old tarps around the house or buy a new one at a local hardware store. The next step is to lather the tarp with liquid soap (Hint: use soap that won’t hurt the eyes) and spray it down with water. Once the tarp is soaked up and slippery grab your boogie boards and enjoy the ride.


Ever wanted to go out on the water and kayak or paddle board but didn’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on one from the store? You can! There are several cost-efficient vendors around the Reservoir area that rent out the kayaks and boards to you and at the perfect drop in spots on the water. This is a fun escape for a sunshiny day for you and your friends or family to enjoy!


Near McComb, there is a place where you may go and pay five bucks to take an inner tube down the winding bends of the Bogue Chitto River. It is a great place and time to relieve your stress and worries and just relax. Word of advice: bring LOTS of sunscreen, you can thank me later.

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