May 1 was a fiery day for Congress, as exchanges between senators and William Barr have continued. The testimony before Congress has come after questions of his decision over the Mueller report. Democratic Sen. Kamala Harris questioned Barr on key evidence which surrounded Attorney General Rod Rosenstein being a witness. Harris recalled statements Barr had made in a March summary claiming he had gone thoroughly through all the evidence before concluding but failed to call on a witness. Which was at odds with his answer that he had not reviewed the great deal of evidence when asked today by Harris.Before exiting Kamala Harris stated, “What should be deeply troubling to the entire American public is that he made a decision and didn’t review the evidence.”

Sen. Mazie Hirono, a Democrat from Hawaii, accused Barr of lying to the public and Congress which was enough to resign she claimed. She grilled him on his earlier statement saying he claimed he did not know if Robert Mueller supported his conclusions, but that in fact was a lie. Muller had expressed concerns for the four-page report that he said did not fully capture his report. Hirono went forward to say he betrayed the American public’s trust and that he should resign. Barr responded saying it was not in his interest or job description to determine a lie but rather determine if a crime was committed. The exchanges continue as more senators are questioning the authenticity of the report.


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