Two states that allow parents to opt out of vaccines simply because are Washington and Oregon. These two states also at the center of a major measles outbreak early January which some pediatricians say they saw coming. Dr. Peter Hotez says he has been anticipating for years now a major measles outbreak along the Pacific Northwest. Oregon and Washington are only two of the states out of 18 that allow you to dodge vaccines for personal beliefs. California, Mississippi and West Virginia are three states that do not require vaccinations before your kids go to school. These states are classified as having “hot spots” which are large groups of unvaccinated kids at risk to outbreaks.Washington Gov. Jay Inslee declared a state of emergency after 35 outbreaks happened including 11 cases within his own town. Two more cases were reported in Hawaii had visited from Washington, bringing the infection to the islands. In 2015, the two states attempted to cumulate a plan that would make exemptions harder, but both were unsuccessful due to anti-vaccine groups.

The two sides of the debate have only grown with fire as some claim their freedoms are being stolen by the state. Others say the refusal to vaccinate their kids not only endangers them, but other people’s kids too. It seems that the measles will see one of the worst returns in almost a decade, and we are unsure how to stop it.

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