Attending college can be quite stressful for students. As a student like myself, I find it difficult to maintain a healthy and balanced life while attending college. Balancing life with school, work, friends and family, and most importantly, health, can be complex to deal with. However, as time went on, I found a few ways that can limit stress and balance my life while attending college. Here are a several ideas to balance your life better while in college.

  1. Stop Procrastination

Students who procrastinate find themselves tired, frustratedand stressed. Procrastination is supposed to be a one-time thing but turns into a habit quickly.  A way to stop procrastination is by getting everything done before its due date. By this I mean, students need to set time aside to get everything done beforehand to avoid procrastination.


  1. Stay Organized

It can be complicated to stay organized as your mind is cluttered and you have multiple things to do. However, it is best to stay as organized as possible. One way to stay organized is to write a to-do list. This can help you to determine your day and help you stay organized, as well. Another way of staying organized is by being clean and neat. Being clean and neat can, for one, give you a better perspective of things and secondly, it can make you feel better mentally and physically. Being organized relieves stress. The less stress there is, the better your life will be.


  1. Make Time For Yourself

It is hard to make free time for yourself, especially when you have work, school, sports, friendsand family to take part in. However, it is best for you to take a break every now and then. Being stressed can have such a negative effect on your body if you are not taking care properly. Your body needs time to regenerate and fuel up again before going at your daily needs throughout the day. Make time for certain things that can fit your schedule, but also give yourself free time to relax. Resting and doing things that make you feel relaxed and comfortable are two of the few ways to balance your life efficiently.


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