Can you name a place where the air, land and water aren’t polluted? If you answered yes, congratulations! You and your community are doing a huge favor for our environment. However, it is estimated that 90 percent of the Earth is polluted. Everywhere and all around us, our environment is polluted with filth that a vast amount of people and animals take in, walk on and drink on a daily basis. Many people don’t realize how much pollution has a big impact on our environment. So, what will it take to make people open their eyes and recognize the problem we have in our environment? Will it take all the plants and animals to die out to make you realize there is problem, or will it take every other person to die after consuming toxic and harmful waste? All of this can be prevented by one person at a time. It can start with you encouraging your community to be a part of the pollution solution! There are a few ways I recommend that can be a start in the right direction. There are several ways to be efficient in your community by reducing, reusing and recycling.


Reducing the amount of waste can be one way to start off a way to better our environment. Turn off lights, reduce the waste of litter, turn off water that isn’t being usedand reduce the use of cars. There are many ways to reduce the lack of waste that is being used.


Reusing items can make a big difference in making our environment a better place. Instead of plastic straws, bottles, cups, etc., use reusable items that you can clean and use over again. Reusing will and can reduce the pollution within our environment.


Recycling can prevent the trash and clutter that is sent to our landfills on a daily basis. Recycling automatically makes a difference in our environment from being polluted.

Afterall, taking action to make our environment a safer and healthier place is important and it can all start with you! So, get out and encourage others to be part of the pollution solution!




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