Born and raised in Clinton 29-year-old male Marquise Gladney is a new owner of his own business of “Suit Yourself.” Gladney’s sells his products at his job and varieties of events where people love his delicious and scrumptious deserts. His business started this year at the beginning of the summer at his current job position as an Ambetter.

He began sharing free samples of his desserts to his co-workers to taste. His business started with 20 customers placing orders. However, as the word has gotten around, every other week Gladney has up to 40 or more customers placing orders of his desserts. His delicious deserts include several items of strawberry, cookies n cream, cheesecake and vanilla custards. All of his desserts come in several sizes and prices.  Varying on the item, His 8 oz cups are $5-7 his 16 oz cups are $10-14 and his large pans of custard are $25-36. As Gladney’s business is expanding, he states that his motivation is to “to change the generation’s wealth and to build wealth for his future family and legacy.” For his determination and love for his job, if you will like to try Gladney’s delicious custard desserts his contact information is below. As he states, his desserts are a “taste that last forever!”


Marquise Gladney

Phone: 601-624-2077

IG- @treat.yourself__



Contact him for more information of his delicious custard desserts!

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