Nathan Martin, a well-known member of the Grenada Campus Baptist Student Union, told me in a recent interview about the mission trip he took over Christmas break last year. While most students were relaxing and relieving their stress from the recent finals last year, Martin was just getting ready to go to the other side of the world.

Martin’s trip consisted of multiple teams formed of other Mississippi BSU groups. The team that he was a part of flew to China for training then flew to the country of Mongolia where he and his team would spread the story of Christmas, being the birth of Jesus. After asking why he chose to leave the country in such a family-oriented time of year for Americans, he simply stated, “I want to grow in my relationship with Christ and share the true story of Christmas.”

These groups were able to explore the Great Wall of China and eat exotic foods such as horse pizza. After asking about his overall feeling of the trip Martin said, “It honestly felt adventurous.” All in all, his trip seemed to be worth missing Christmas and he was excited that they achieved their goal of spreading the Gospel.

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