Melissa Benoist, the TV star actor for CW’s “Supergirl,” has become quite the hero beyond the cape. Benoist, along with many other actors from the CW channel, have teamed up in creating a campaign movement called IDONTMIND that fights the stigma of talking about mental health by saying, “I don’t mind talking about my mind.”

The campaign can be followed on their website where they’ve made many resources available to help those fighting for mental health. They offer journals of those also dealing with it and how they’ve overcome certain tasks, on-site therapists who can answer questions and also a phone number available to call when someone is feeling severely depressed. They also have merchandise they sell in order to raise awareness for those dealing with mental illnesses.

Most people, especially teens, have dealt with depression in some way. This campaign is a way to get the necessary help that someone needs in a time of crisis, and it helps incorporate new habits to add or remove from your day to help you keep your mental health at its best.

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