Preparing for finals is always a stressful process. With the number of classes that a student attends, it can be become quite stressful for those to study for multiple classes for a big final. Students become unmotivated, stressedand fatigued from so much to prepare for, and it can endbadly in many circumstances. It can result in bad grades, bad healthand low self-esteem. However, there are ways to overcome this wave of stress by simply understanding and doing things to help you prepare for your big final!

How you eat is how you study…

This phrase may be quite confusing but let me explain. Throughout the week, you eat small meals. You don’t just cram a week’s worth of food into a day’s worth. You eat small meals to help you throughout the week. This also applies to studying. You should study small sections ahead of time. It is unbeneficial for you to cram amonth’s worth of lessons in theweek or day before a final. Therefore, don’tprocrastinate;take the time to study and prepare. This will be less stress on you and a will result in a high grade.

Health Matters

Many students will drink caffeine or energy drinks to stay up extremely late or pull all-nighters to prepare for a big final. However, this is not a way to prepare for your final. Being healthy andgetting a good night’s sleep to acquire a good health can also be a way to prepare for a final. Drinking and eating unhealthy foods can be pretty bad for your health. In addition to losing sleep or not sleeping at all, it can be a strain on your body. Instead, you should get at least eight or more hoursof sleep, eat a variety of quality foods and drink water to help you prepare for a big final.


Lastly, just relax. As impossible as it sounds, you need to relax and remain calm. Stressing is just another burden on yourself. Everything will be okay if you do things to take care of yourself. Studying ahead of time accordingly and having a well-balanced diet can be a way to prepare for your final. Therefore, relax and remain calm. Things will fall into place. Just do what you can and try your best. Lastly, Good luck on your finals!


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