On March 3, multiple states’ polls were opened for voting for the primaries. This means that the people in certain states are voting for delegates for each party that can go on to possibly be in the presidential election. It’s the first step to a new term of presidency. On this specific Tuesday, 10 different states were at the polls. In a time when everyone has a loud political opinion, voting is the best way for citizens to try and participate in changes they want to make.

Lately people voice their negative and positive thoughts on America’s current state, however recently the complaints do seem to outweigh the praise towards the White House. Voting gives everyone a chance to take action, to take a step towards what they believe. Nine times out of 10 however most people claim to not have voted. Everyone wants to be political until it’s time to get up and vote.

In recent years, younger voters have been more inclined to vote than years previous. Some vote because an artist encourages them to use their voice. Some simply hope for a better country. Whatever the reason, voting is a right in America that should be exercised, if only to leave your house for a little while that day. Voting is something that includes citizens to be included in the political process.

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