The world is facing a global pandemic and as scary as that is, the aftermath and other circumstances are just as, if not more alarming. From mass panic to countries hiding actual numbers, the world is drifting apart when we should be coming together. The thing with a global pandemic is not everyone is going to have the same consideration for others. It’s important now more than ever to be hyper-aware of other people and their situation.

Self-isolation is only the start of how people in a community can be mindful of others.  Though the virus might not affect someone directly, it can easily be spread to someone older or someone who is high risk because of pre-existing medical conditions such as auto-immune diseases or asthma. There has also been a world-wide situation where people are over-buying their groceries. Instead of buying what everyone needed at the beginning of the pandemic, panic caused everyone to buy more than what they need. This means many people were unable to get the necessities they need. If a group of people panic buy everything in the store, others will have no choice but to do the same. The cycle is hard to break and more people can’t even afford to buy products in bulk.

The pandemic doesn’t seem to be slowing down, with the dates of business and schools opening getting pushed back further and further. Closer and closer to summer. Recently it was said that the virus may be contagious up to eight days after the symptoms disappear. This means that quarantining and taking extra measures is necessary. If someone does go into public, it’s important to wash your hands, even wear a mask although it’s a controversial topic. Keep things around you clean to not only try and prevent yourself from being infected, but to help the spread of the virus slow down.

Right now the world is all going through the same crisis and instead of listening to one another we mostly see arguments. Be thankful to those who are not able to stay home. Be thankful to doctors and nurses who risk their lives, as well as their families’ lives to help others. Its important to keep in mind just how many people are living in the world right now, because that’s how many people’s lives are being turned upside down from the coronavirus.

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