Covid-19 has taken away so many joyous things in life including loved ones, graduation, prom, jobs, school and many more things. It’ll be easy to focus on all of the negative aspects of quarantine considering all the outcomes are negative, but what are some things we can do while waiting out Covid-19. There are a variety of ways to keep yourself busy in safe ways that will protect you and your family from the coronavirus. 


  1. Spring Cleaning- Find something that’s cluttered in your house, and take it upon yourself to clean it out. Donate clothes or other things that you haven’t used or worn in three or more months. Clean out drawers with old makeup. (yes makeup expires). Throw away old pill bottles or lotions. Sort and organize your jewelry boxes. Cleaning has been known to lower your stress and anxiety.
  2. Family fun- Play board games with your family. For example, Speak Out Loud this particular game you are to put a plastic washable mouthpiece in and try to say a sentence while your team member guesses what you are trying to say. Plan a movie night with your household family members. Make root beer floats, popcorn and other treats that everyone would enjoy. Painting or puzzles are also fun to work on or going fishing near your house. 
  3. Exercise- Staying fit is essential. Staying at home with nothing to do is easy access to gaining weight. YouTube is plentiful with videos for staying fit. It has Zumba, Just Dance, Lansone Walk at Home and yoga. 
  4. Video Chats- Being in quarantine can keep you from seeing your friends and family and can make some feel depressed and lonely. FaceTime and other video chat apps can help you cope. You can talk with WiFi for hours to family members that you can see in person and friends. This is a safe way to keep the virus from spreading.


Now that you have new ideas to do while you’re at home keep building and finding other ways to have fun at home with your family. Make sure to keep the house clean and to sanitize frequently. For some families, this could be a way to reconnect or build up burnt down bridges. The coronavirus has taken so much from us already. Being in the house with family 24/7 can be tough, but we have to work together with thick skin to beat coronavirus. 


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