A tornado happened Sunday, April 12 and caused a lot of damage in Mississippi. It caused the most damage in parts of Southern Mississippi.

Eleven people died from this bad tornado. There were at least 13 radar-confirmed tornadoes that struck Mississippi and Louisiana. There were 18 counties that reported some damage. Jefferson Davis County had 100 homes that were damaged. There were 40 homes and 20 apartments destroyed in Bolivar County. Grenada had 20 homes that were damaged and 100 roads that had to be closed. Then in Monroe, Louisiana, there were 300 homes and structures damaged. There were 72,000 people in Mississippi without power. Carroll County had one fatality, Jefferson Davis had four fatalities, Jones had three fatalities, Lawrence had two fatalities, Panola had one fatality and Walthall had one fatality. Carroll County does not have a public emergency shelter. The Mississippi Emergency Management Agency said it might take most of the week to complete the surveys. In some subdivisions in the Lawrence County they were looking for missing people. After the storms damaged Mississippi and Louisiana it had made it to Alabama and Georgia. Gov. Tate Reeves said that We have faith that we will all rise together.” Hopefully, there can be peace in Mississippi and everywhere else.

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