Matthew Mann, a freshman at HCC in our very own Holmes Connection, made an impact on his community by trying something new. Mann was in The Yazoo Herald newspaper for being an excellent example of safe social distancing. Mann and two of his family members have over 200 pounds of freshwater fish consisting of bass, bream, white bass, ​crappie at Silver Creek and local ponds. He wakes up early at 6:30 in the morning to get dressed in his waders for his everyday routine. Mann said “ it’s mentally comforting and peaceful being on a daily routine, it just makes it easier knowing what I’m going to do every day. When I catch a fish it feels like the very first time I caught one! The excitement never goes away.” Catching fish saves money and is most definitely health-friendly. 

Mann and his mom Samantha Mann cook their fish in various ways. They grill, bake and fry their fish southern style. Mann and his family decided to give their own backyard some TLC so that they could enjoy more family time eating food that they’ve hunted. Neil Mann led his family by cutting down trees and bushes giving the backyard more light. Also, they have started their very own garden with tomatoes, squash and banana peppers. Although Matthew goes fishing every day he still is very consistent in studying and keeping his grades up, and he has made a personal schedule to help his little brothers with their work as well. This is one example of one of our students practicing safe social distancing. Let’s continue to stay afloat and do what we need to stay safe and healthy! 


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