The coronavirus has been on everyone’s minds more and more as the days come. Everyone is looking for new ways to function inside their house. For a lot of people, music is an escape and now is just the time for artists to share music. Many artists have found a way to give online performances through Instagram lives as well as donate to charities. Some post videos of songs as well.

Many artists have come together now to put on an online concert to celebrate the healthcare workers who are fighting the virus every day, risking exposure. This concert, which is a six-hour live stream, also supports WHO. Many well-known artists like Taylor Swift will be giving a performance for their fans. For many people this gives them a bit of happiness in the dark times, since it’s a chance to watch their favorite artists perform, even if it is over a live stream or a televised program.

Music will always be a way to support those who are fighting for others. Nurses and healthcare workers deserve respect now more than ever and while they stand by us we should stand by them. Nothing is able to bring people together to support someone more than music.

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