Today’s artists take a lot of inspiration from the past. Movies, books and music are all inspired by those who came before. In music specifically we see many artists going for a nostalgic feel since it sells so well. Artists today want to recreate the old sounds, which may allow an older audience to be drawn towards their music.

One artist who has recently done this and succeeded is Harry Styles. His new album “Fine Line” has been compared to “Rumours” by Fleetwood Mac, by Stevie Nicks herself. Nicks said in a tweet that Styles had inspired her to begin writing again. It matches the old rock sound with heartbreaking complex lyrics everyone is drawn to. Still, his music has his own sound and voice that allows new and old listeners to connect to a brand new artist while feeling the nostalgia for the old rock days. Styles has been praised for his overall 60’s inspired aesthetic in his art. It’s a clever way new artists are finding success and creating their own impact in music. We’ve seen it before with artists such as Taylor Swift, with her first pop album “1989.” Swift used an 80’s inspired sound and theme, which led to her biggest era to date. “1989” also became the most awarded pop album of all time.

No matter how far the world moves from the old decades, they were the defining years in western pop culture and their impact is still huge today. Artists are able to create music that brings back that time for older listeners, and makes younger listeners nostalgic for a decade they weren’t even around for. Nostalgia sells more than anything else, and it sells even better when an artist is able to add a modern twist. Older artists are also able to see their work being loved by a brand new generation.

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