To all my fashionista’s out there you have been waiting for two particular seasons to show off your style which is summer and fall/winter. Not only has COVID-19 killed the summer trends, but we cannot let it shoot down the fall/winter trends we have coming up. Most of you guys that are reading this probably are at home, but that does not mean you still can’t be stylish.

So, the teddy coats phase has not gone anywhere, but if you want to spice up your look fur coats are making a big come back. Companies like H&M and Michael Kors have great qualities coats that are nice and at a cheap price. Next, knitwear’s are going to be a big hit this fall/winter 2020. Yes, we know that Mississippi weather can be crazy sometimes and that’s why knitwear is a really good trend.

Next we have leather, and I mean leather everything. From the pants, shoes and most definitely the jackets. If you have seen the movie the Matrix , and you remember Trinity then you know where I am going with this particular trend. This winter trend is all about the Gothic look. I know what you are thinking  “Mississippi is too hot for all that leather,” and yes I do agree,  but this trend is for when the harshness of the winter season comes.

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